It's a Family Tradition

We were born to pickle...

You could say that we were born to pickle. We’ve been keeping the same pickling traditions alive that have existed in our families for over 100 years. Our recipes have been passed down from generations before us, and we are staying true to the roots of our southern craft.  

Founder, Beau Martin, grew up in the heart of the Green River in Tuxedo, North Carolina. Generations before him made our staple products & specialty items alike in a similar fashion. After years of helping both sides of his family preserve delicious foods for their family cellars, Beau has perfected the art of the pickle.

 His maternal family, the Ciola’s, brought pickling traditions over from Northern Italy. While his fraternal family, the Martin’s, preserved their annual harvest using ancient methods of Southern style pickling. A certain recipe handed down from his grandfather, David Martin Sr., lead to Beau creating his yearly stash of pickled green tomatoes. When others began to try this family recipe, Beau knew he had to share the tradition with others. In 2011, Beau became certified with his acidified food license and began creating pickled foods to please the masses. 

 Each season you will find many family heritage inspired products including our limited edition batches of Ciola Giardinera, Dave’s Green Tomatoes, & Suzanne’s Sweet Rings. The names of our pickled goods alone, tell the tale of our love for family, local produce, and the vast landscape of Western North Carolina.